Our Story

Our Mission at Kalabindu is helping artists irrespective of their field, to achieve their fullest creative potential, career and financial goals. We serve talent across the globe , from beginners to professionals with distinct styles under different categories (Painting/Handicrafts/Sculptures/Digital Art). 

On our platform you can also experience our Career Counseling Services .

As your career consultant and coach, with in-depth knowledge of the art business, we know how to evaluate your strengths and unique attributes. We offer to use our experience to guide you to achieve your goals and success through our Platform. 

Sanu Verma


About Us

Kalabindu is a platform which offers consultations to art agents and art organizations who are interested in boosting their careers and to set up and build their own businesses. We offer professional and constructive feedback about your art portfolio and style.

 Kalabindu provides a modern way to define your art skills and to reach multi tier markets.

We offer you help on:

  • Approaching galleries and art consultants.
  • Choosing the best art career marketing for you.
  • Digital Marketing on social media platforms.
  • Customized guidance according to your requirement.
  • Complete support to the artist for Exhibitions and Product Sales.

Our Past Event

Let’s take your artistic fever to the next level !